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As every guild, we have rules that have to be respected by everyone in the guild, without exceptions.

General rules:

1. Be respectfull to every member of the guild, if you have a problem regarding anyone in the guild, please keep it between yourselves.
2. Only english in the guild chat, or during raids.
3. No drama in the guild chat.

Looting rules:

1. We are using DKP system.
2. Main characters have priority over alts (You can't take a trinket needed by a raider's main character when you play once a week on your alt)

Raiding rules:[b]

1. We are raiding at 18:00 ST (ST = server time).
2. Raids will be scheduled in the calendar.
3. Be online atleast 15 minutes before the raid time.
4. Do not spam for invite, we are well aware about who is online, and we will invite people according to what the raid needs the most.
5. Do not rage, or make drama if you don't get invited into the raid, there will be more raids during the week since our leadership has many alts that they can host raids with.
6. We will be raiding for a maximum amount of 3 hours, that is the amount of time everyone should have free (example time: if we start raiding at 18:00 ST, let's say ICC, and we lose a lot of time for people not being prepared for the raid, or wiping a lot, no matter how far we got the raid will end at 21:00 ST; exceptions are progressing raids, where the raid might last longer, but in this case people are free to leave after the 3 hours are passed without being punished for it any kind of way)
7. If you have to leave the raid before it was announced over, you have to inform the raid leader or any officer about the situation and explain why do you have to leave so they can find a replacement for you, otherwise you will get punished with minus DKP, or if this kind of behaviour continues demotion/guild kick.
8. Rule number 7 goes for being AFK during the raid aswell.
9. During our raids, we will be using discord, and it is mandatory for every member of the raid to join us there, you don't have to talk, you just have to listen
10. Puging is not allowed, and players that are found to pug are to be punished. It's meaningless to join a guild if you are going to pug. (Tuesday, the day before the ID reset, is a free day, this day everyone is allowed to pug)
11. DBM is a MUST HAVE addon.
12. This guild is by no means a boosting company, even tho our gearscore requirements are significantly lower than those from usual pug runs, or those from most of the guilds you can find out there, we still try to maintain our raids as smooth, fast and enjoyable as we can. So this basically means that having PvP gear, no gems, no enchants, bad talents, bad glyphs is going to result in you not getting a spot for a raid. Minimal gearscore requirements for each raid are:
Minimum raid requirements:
ICC 10nm - 5.3k gs
ICC 10hc - 5.8k gs
ICC 25nm - 5.5k gs
ICC 25hc - 6.1k gs
Rs10nm - 5.5k gs
Rs25nm - 5.8k gs(edited)
ToC 25nm - 4k-5k gs, depends on the rest of the raid

These gearscore requirements apply only for properly geared people, meaning that having PvP items or items that are not optimal for the spec you are playing and are there purely as a gearscore booster are not being taken into account and therefor the gearscore gained from those items will be ignored. Do keep in mind that fulfilling these gearscore requirements doesn't guarantee you a spot in the raid. The raids are going to be made out of people and classes, roles, the raid composition needs the most in order for the raid to be as viable as it possibly can be.

The punishments are up to the officers to decide, depending on the situation.

[b]DKP awards:

ICC 10nm - 3 DKP per boss
ICC 10hc - 8 DKP per boss
ICC 25nm - 5 DKP per boss
ICC 25hc - 10 DKP per boss
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